Blimey! where has all the time gone, it seems a very long time ago that our 'solid boy' was 3 months old! Edward Oscar is now 21 months old and is throwing himself into everything, including radiators, doors and the floor!

He has certainly turned into a mini action man over the past couple of months, he can walk, run, dance, fall over, and not even pausing for a breath!

He loves dancing, and will stop what he is doing to have a boogie when any music comes on. He does like the Chemical Brothers and Kid Koala, but anything will do, even the Neighbours theme tune!

As you can see Edward has bored of normal building blocks and has now moved onto computer boxes, next thing will be the computers themselves!

He is becoming highly skilled with pen, pencil and paintbrush, he'll attempt to colour in most things, including our bank statements.

At the moment he likes to stab his paper with his pencil, so there are a lot of blunt pencils and holey paper scattered all over the house.

For all the trendsetters out there Edward's favourite colours to use are flesh and bright pink, bright blue and purple, so get out there and follow the leader!!


He loves the garden, anyone's in actual fact, though in May we had ours re-done so it would be Edward friendly, conveniently it is also Mummy and Daddy friendly too. His lawnmower lives at one of his Nana and Grandads house and he loves to push it around, but he doesn't seem to understand that you can't mow the carpet in the house!

More to come soon about Edward and the garden.....

Following on from the last story posted about Edward, he is still wearing cool clothes, and is much better dressed than either of us!! and by the way lego/duplo/primo is very cool!