Edward Oscar is now just over three months old! But he's a big boy - last time he was weighed he was over 15 pounds which is pretty cool.

He's a bit of a nutter, there's no denying it. he was onto solids by three months and he's eating more than ever. No surprises there...

We knew he wanted solid food because every time we ate anything, Edward would stare at us and then start screaming.

Screaming is one of Edward's favourite pastimes, although he is good at sleeping now. He will sleep for quite a bit at night, only waking us at about 4.30 am.


Edward's favourite toy is chicken, and you can see him holding it in this picture. He loves to smile and dribble whenever he sees chicken, and maybe put chicken's beak in his mouth for a bit.

Edward does have some other friends though, like Lion, who he really smiles at and Richie and Eddie, our cats, who he stares at in amazement. Little do the cats know that soon their lives will be made a misery when Edward starts to crawl around and grab their tails!


Edward likes to go for walks into town, where he gets attention from other people.

The really great thing is that he's now wearing funky clothes and you get to buy all those toys which you liked as a kid...can't wait until he gets old enough for Lego!