Alice knew exactly what day she was going into labour because she was 10 days overdue so they named Friday 6th November 1998 as the date she would be induced.

We both found it an incredibly moving experience Alice was in so much pain from the rather enthusiastic labour she was experiencing as a result of being induced I couldn't imagine what she was going through - it was certainly nothing that I had ever felt.

Then she had a Pethedine injection and started talking crap to me and the midwife. That made me feel even worse, as she was so different and weird.

But Alice came through the Pethedine, screamed so loudly I thought everyone in the hospital would hear and by her own strength pushed out our baby boy - all 10 pounds 5 ounces! We named him Edward Oscar and he has loads of dark hair.

A lot of things happened that day. I thought I was going to hold my child, and I did, but I never realised how much closer it would bring me and Alice. Now our lives have changed dramatically and Edward has helped us decide how much more important being together is than grabbing as much as possible in the way of money and things.

Now Edward is just over a month old and, as you can see, is totally unfazed by the whole experience! He is a right terror and we wouldn't have him any other way. And he has some cool clothes, too. We were planning to have a home birth but neither of us were unhappy in the end that Alice had to go in to hospital.