Oky, I'll tell you a little bit about Smoking Drum. It's a reference to a kind of dubby music which is on the last track on side A of Massive Attack's first LP "Blue Lines". What a cool album!

I did a degree in Film and Video and then worked in the film industry for 2 years ending up as a telecine operator which was cool for a while. But I'd seen and touched an Apple Macintosh and I was infected with the bug.

From that time on I knew I wanted to use a Mac, so I got my parents to buy me my first - an LC 630. That got me doing my first design work and then I got interested in the internet and before I knew it I had got a job at Yellow Pages working in their New Media Department on the Yell site.

I was there for about 6 months and then got head-hunted to go and join a small startup company called Entranet. (Entranet has now been wound up). Almost three years later, as Creative Director and having built a team of ten designers, I left for new challenges and started up my own design company called Panic Design.

The company has now been running almost three years and we are still going strong! We have expanded into other areas, so as well as offering web design we are now pretty experienced in corporate identity design, print work, marketing, Macromedia Flash and 3D modelling and rendering. We have a great folio of work so do check it out.

I would welcome anyone who wants a chat can talk to me on ICQ #82142783.