Right. I have but one Kaleidoscope scheme for your enjoyment. At this current point in time. I know I sound like a stuck record but I do actually have another three K2 schemes in the pipeline and I'm very pleased with how they're progressing so all I need is a little time to myself and soon the results of my labour should be gracing this screen.

My first attempt at an Audion face has resulted in this, the semi-transparent Bubble Life. It has taken a couple of months in the building (but then I guess that's no surprise if you know me) most of the time I think it was probably languishing at the bottom of a sub-directory with some brief moments of inspiration. I hope it meets with your approval, mail me if you like it! I fully intend to do a lot more Audion faces. If you have never experienced Audion, it's a very funky Mac MP3/CD player which supports alpha channels and just rocks! It's well worth paying the small amount to use it.

Download Bubble Life

Update alert! Icons added 4.5.99

Major improvements have been afoot and I have created a complete set of icons for H-Be. I am extremely pleased with the icon design and now am looking forward to my next K-scheme.

Download H-Be

I designed this ages ago, probably over a year ago. People will have a laugh and say that orange and blue is my favourite colour combination but it isn't - not anymore. The icons I designed for this scheme I am especially proud of.

Download Orange n'Blue