Ah well..it only took about 3 years of promising icons for me to actually go and deliver some. I have actually been creating icons for clients for some time now but I decided that I will not let work get the better of my spare time anymore - so I gone done something about it.

All the icons featured in this page are Mac icons and feature 8 bit and 32 bit icons and now OS X versions!

Weather icon set

A small(ish) set of friendly weather icons, also featuring some grassy hills and a funky cow.

Download: Weather icon set (12 icons)

Round Faces icon set

A small set of funky round faces showing different emotions. This set'll probably expand as time passes.

Download: Round Faces icon set (6 icons)

Smoking Drum icon set

I have gone and turned the pixel illustrations I did for Smoking Drum into this cool icon set!

They look cool, and were created by drawing (nearly) all of the illustrations at 16x16 pixels and then blowing them all up.

Download: Smoking Drum icon set (25 icons)

Funky business icon set

Ok, maybe you're a bit surprised that a funky site like Smoking Drum would release some icons about business and communication.

As it happens, I did a lot of illustrative work which, for reasons best left unexplained, was never used. So I decided to turn the illustrations into an icon set which I am very proud of.

Download: Funky business icon set (25 icons)