Fonts. I'm no good at them but I enjoy doing them. And anything I can do to make this site more than just a self-centred piece of pretentious fluff I will. Maybe, if I get enough time, I will look more closely at type creation and will make some more serious efforts. To be sure, whatever I do will involve lots of dirt. Please use them if you feel that way inclined and tell me if you really hate them. Ha!

Ok, I've now split the collection into two simple categories. This was because I found that my preview graphics were getting a little out of hand and the page download was a bit big for my liking. Now I know some of you may have fancy broadband connections but I have to remember my roots as a web designer, and optimise accordingly!

April 2002 - My commercial fonts now come in both PostScript Type 1 and TrueType for Mac and PC. I shall also be working my way through all my other fonts to provide them in both formats.