These sites which I have written a few lines about are ones which I truly rate as offering something special. Recently updated as MacPlaza sadly went AWOL and all my good friends and colleagues have now moved to the rather spanking ResExcellence. 

A fantastic new typography site for artists and type designers alike run by my colleague and friend, David Earls.

It features articles on font design and interviews with artists which differentiates it from most type sites.

Cool design sites:

Final dot nu
l a i k a n e t [dot] c o m
Nathan Jurevicius

Just plain weird and cool sites:

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator
Disturbing Autions:Daily!

Cool font sites:

True Type Resource

 Mutant Football!

Back by popular demand, I have uploaded Mutant Football, my very first web site and the one which got me my first design job.

These cool font and icon sites are examples of the brilliant creativity of individuals and even groups of people who have come together to produce innovative new ideas and are at the forefront of their fields.

Cool icon / k-scheme sites:

The Iconfactory

Of course, I couldn't go without mentioning Apple - the whole reason I got into digital design in the first place and the most friendly and easy-to-use interface ever.

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