Welcome to Smoking Drum resources for artists working in the digital medium. Here you will find free fonts and fonts to buy, desktop pictures, kaleidoscope schemes, Audion faces and icons.

May 2003 - finally, finally new things are afoot at Smoking Drum. First of all we bought the domain name MutantFootball.com for the original Mutant Football web site. Second, new things will be posted on Smoking Drum soon. New fonts, new icons, other cool stuff.

Three new fonts live! Yes, two related fonts called Gruyere and one grunged up number called Fauxetry.

There are a number of free fonts to download and some to buy. All fonts are available in both Mac and PC format.

Promised for a very long time - at last icons have found their way onto Smoking Drum!

Find out more about Smoking Drum and dirt. I have updated this section to explain some of the other projects I have also been working on...

This section has been brought back to life by a new contributing editor - now you can read more about Edward Oscar.

New series of desktop pictures - surfaces is now live!

Because of exciting things afoot I have had to change the title of this section - exciting things being my new (and first) Audion face. Go check it out!

Whether you like or loathe this site, perhaps you have downloaded something to use or maybe you want to see something - give me the feedback!

Just a few of the coolest sites that I rate...and my very first web site Mutant Football has been brought back by popular demand.

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